Rental Terms & Conditions

About The Service

What is Evrywear?

Evrywear Pte Ltd ("EVRYWEAR") is a Singapore-based fast fashion clothing rental service founded in 2019, providing the option for users to rent and purchase clothing items from various local and international brands. EVRYWEAR is an independent rental service and is not affiliated with, or endorsed by any designer, manufacturer, retailer or brands that are listed through its services.

Rental Information

EVRYWEAR’s rental services are only available in Singapore. Users who subscribe to EVRYWEAR's service may choose from two subscription plans, at monthly fees of $49 for 5 pieces and $69 for 10 pieces respectively.

Amendment of Terms & Conditions

EVRYWEAR reserves the right to make amendments to the service itself, and its terms and conditions at any time. EVRYWEAR will ensure reasonable effort is put in to inform existing subscribers of any changes to the service, price changes or other changes to your subscription. By continuing to use the services of EVRYWEAR, it is deemed that subscribers have accepted the changes.


Product Information & Accuracy

All measurements are taken by hand with the clothing laid flat, in inches. Measurements may differ by 1-2 inches. As EVRYWEAR carries a variety of brands, referring to the measurements is strongly recommended since each brand has their own sizing chart (i.e. Size S for Brand A may not have the same measurements as Size S for Brand B).Product photos displayed on our site may not always accurately reflect the product colour and style due to studio lighting conditions.

Product Availability

In the case where a product picked out by a subscriber is unavailable due to defects, serious damage and/or any other logistical issues, EVRYWEAR will reach out to the subscriber to notify them, and subscribers will be allowed to pick out another product as a replacement.

Product Care for Users

All products must be treated with great care, as if it was borrowed from a dear friend.Subscribers will be held responsible for any losses or damage caused to the products due to theft, inexplicable disappearance, fire, major stains, or any other cause, aside from normal wear and tear. Normal wear and tear comprises minor stains, missing beads/buttons, stuck zippers, small rips or any other minuscule damages. If a product is returned with defects other than normal wear and tear, EVRYWEAR reserves the right to charge you the full reparation costs of the item, as determined by our judgement, or the retail price of the item, 40% off its MSRP.

Product Returns

All products must be returned in the EVRYWEAR tote bag. The number of items to be returned must be the same as the number that was initially rented to subscribers, unless the subscriber has purchased an item. If the EVRYWEAR tote is not returned with the products due to theft, inexplicable disappearance, fire or any other cause, subscribers will be charged a reasonable fee of compensation.

Subscription Plans

Charging of Subscription Fees

Upon subscription, all plans will automatically renew every 30 days. Subscription fees will be charged to the same card that was used to check-out your plan. Payment can only be made via credit/debit card. To change your payment details, please contact our customer service for assistance.

Cancellation of Plans

While we're sad to see you go, subscribers who would like to cancel their plans must inform our customer service team via email at at least TWO working days before the end of their billing cycle. No refunds will be issued for plans cancelled midway through their billing cycle. All rented products, including the EVRYWEAR tote bag, must be returned upon the cancellation of subscription plans. If all products are not returned within 5 days of cancellation, EVRYWEAR reserves the rights to charge subscribers the retail price of each item.


Delivery Arrangements

All deliveries will be fulfilled by EVRYWEAR's outsourced shipping partners and we will provide you with the information about estimated delivery times of your order via email 1 day before shipment. Upon delivery, subscribers will be fully responsible for the products.

Shipping Address

An established shipping address with block numbers (where applicable) and unit numbers is compulsory. In the event that an unrecognised shipping address is provided, EVRYWEAR is not liable for products left unattended. Furthermore, subscribers must acknowledge that providing an unrecognised address may result in shipping delays or additional shipping costs which they will fully bear.